Kaveh Zamanian

Founder & Whiskey Maker

As with all good stories, it starts with a girl. I fell in love with Heather while living in Chicago. She introduced me to Bourbon, luring me away from my beloved Scotch. During our countless conversations, she made me fall for Kentucky and for Bourbon in the same way I fell for her. It was her charm and beauty that pulled me down the rabbit hole and ever since then, I have felt a strong connection with the country side of Kentucky, the progressive southern vibrancy of Louisville and of course, Bourbon.


American Spirit Rediscovered

Knowing the connection between Bourbon and America, it was astounding for me to see how for years, our native spirit languished in relative obscurity, at least outside of Kentucky. So, I imagined an ambitious goal; to make Bourbon, bring people together and promote a sense of pride in our native spirit. After all, I thought, why is it that we’re not as well versed in Bourbon and proud of it the way the French are of their cognac or the Scottish of their scotch.

Creative Partnerships

Experts in the Field

Louisville gave me access to the most creative minds, deepest palates and seasoned experts in the world of distilling.

Born & Bred in Kentucky


In 2012, when it all started, I decided that for our core products, we will not buy sourced Bourbon, slap a label on it and call it our own. Our Bourbon and Rye whiskies are made 100% in Kentucky, with personal mash bills that stand apart from the pack.

Art of Finishing

Fingerprint Editions

Rabbit Hole Distillery Fingerprint Edition

Our Fingerprint Editions are truly small batch, limited releases that showcase our hand in the art of finishing and blending sourced spirits. Exceptional 5-year old Straight Bourbon is finished in hand-selected 30-year old PX Sherry Casks from Spain and our London Dry Gin is imported from England and aged in Kentucky Rye Barrels.

Kelvin Cooperage

Partners for Life

Serendipity brought me together with old mates from a rival high school. Paul & Kevin McLaughlin took over their father’s 50-year old family business, Kelvin Cooperage, now a Louisville staple. Time honored, traditional techniques paired with dedication to research and development make Kelvin a one of a kind cooperage. Their wood burned, flame charred barrels bring out the beautiful amber color and distinct flavors of our innovative spirits.